Maeda Corporation, first set foot in Thailand 50 years ago in 1965 when it was awarded a contract for the construction of a section of the Asian Highway Project known as “Lampan-Chiang Mai Highway Construction Works”. Since then Maeda has continuously undertaken a wide variety of construction projects such as the building of a dam, an airport, a bridge, a golf course, housing, a subway and flood control etc. Maeda established a locally-incorporated company, THAI MAEDA CORPORATION LTD., in 1984 following the country’s high economic growth, thanks to a rapid increase in foreign investment during the 1980’s. THAI MAEDA was awarded a contract for the construction of public collective housing by the National Housing Authority in 1987, and in the following year received an order for the building of a factory from a Japanese manufacturer. We have and contine to forge solid business relationships that currently extend to more than 100 companies including foreign enterprises, receiving from them plaudits for our safety, quality and on-time delivery.


Hiroshi Shibahara